I guess you are aware of the fact that sometimes another person can be jealous of you.

But did you know that they can pass the energy of their jealousy into you, through physical contact with you, and that this energy can then go on to have a harmful effect in your body, causing tension in your upper arm and heart area and causing your blood pressure to rise?

As I have worked for many years in the yoga community, I have seen this happen between a yoga teacher and a student they are jealous of. (maybe the student gets more attention in the class than the teacher or maybe the student is better at yoga than the teacher – there are many reasons a teacher can have for being jealous of a student).

In yoga classes, one of the things that often happens is a close physical contact greeting between a teacher and their students. I often see teachers hug, kiss or shake hands with a student in a greeting of ‘namaste’ either before or after class.

When there is no hidden malice in this gesture between teacher and student – between the giver and the receiver – then no harm is done to the receiver, the student.

However, if there in an underlying malice, in the form of jealousy of the student, then when the teacher hugs or shakes hands with that student, the energy of their jealousy is transmitted to the student, either via the hand which is being shook or through the body areas that come into contact during the hug or embrace.

If it is through a handshake, the energy of the teacher’s jealousy travels from the teacher’s hand into the student’s hand. From there it travels up the student’s arm, crossing over and into the upper chest/lung area and heads towards the heart.

Underlying jealousy, there is not very often good will. Jealousy is usually a wish to cause hurt in some form to another person. And when you really want to hurt someone, you go straight for their heart.

This is why the energy of jealousy – once transmitted to its intended target – travels straight towards the heart, where it will do most damage.

In virtually all cases, the intended target of another person’s jealousy is not aware of the physical effects in their body of that person’s jealousy. In this example, the student not being aware of the physical effects of their teacher’s jealousy. They may not even be aware that their teacher is jealous of them, as, after all, their teacher greets them with a namaste hug before each class.

However, they may notice a slight stiffness, coldness or heaviness or a feeling of being somehow blocked in their upper arm, upper chest or heart area, as indicated by the green areas in the chart below.

These are the physical effects in their body of their teacher’s jealousy.

But not being aware that their teacher is jealous of them, they are simply not aware that it is the energy of jealousy that is causing them their discomfort.

In my energy/healing massage work, I simply strip out the energy of the jealousy from the body of my client. It is an ability I have developed myself, having not being taught it by any other teacher, but it is an ability I see other healers / energy workers also naturally develop in themselves. In this example, as I am not the target of the jealousy, it is easy for me to strip it out of the intended target and not be affected by it. In a way, it is a very simple example of removing spells or hexes off a person.

Energy from another person is one of the 8 types of subtle energy that can have an effect on the physical condition of your body and is one the subjects I teach in my Energy Work I, II, III workshop, the details of which can be found here:

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