Think of it as arriving at a friend’s house with a take-away coffee you’ve just bought at a store on the way over. The coffee is yours. You decided you wanted it. You got it and you brought it to your friend’s house with you. On arrival at your friend’s house, you do not need your friend’s permission to drink it. It’s your coffee. Not theirs.

Same with your potential to be strong and powerful.

If it is your destiny to be a strong and powerful person, capable of high achievement, it is so because you have decided it to be so. And you decided on it just before you incarnated. Just before you arrived on earth. Just before you arrived at your friend’s house.

So, on the way to earth, you selected the qualities you need to be that strong and powerful person. You arrived on earth with those qualities intact and already present in you, in your spiritual essence. They’re your qualities. No one else’s. Accordingly, you do not need anyone else’s permission to use them. It’s your coffee, no one else’s.

The problem is, being normal human beings, as we grow up into adulthood, we often lose sight of our rights to our chosen qualities. We lose sight of the fact that we have the right to be the person we have chosen for ourselves to be and that we don’t need anyone’s permission to be that person.

Maybe in our upbringing, we had strict parents from whom we had to ask permission all the time. Can I leave the table? Can I go to my room? Can I do this? Can I do that? Etcetera, etcetera. It is drilled into us at a young age that we have to ask permission to do anything we want for ourselves. And so, in adulthood, when it comes to wanting to be a strong and powerful person, we again have to ask permission to do it. And as long as we don’t receive that permission, we won’t do it. We freeze. The result is we feel something blocking us when we want to try to achieve something big and important for ourselves. What’s blocking us is our subconscious need for permission, whether from our parents or from our local community, or broader still, from society in general.

Either way, the way out is to realize deeply from within yourself that the role you want for yourself to be a strong and powerful person is your role. It is no one else’s. It is the role you chose for yourself on coming to this earth and accordingly, you do not need anyone else’s permission to manifest it. Just like you do not need anyone else’s permission to drink your coffee.

So, use the following affirmation. No need to address it to any specific individual. Just put it out there, to the universe. Say it with a strong voice so you can hear yourself say it with strength. This will help reconnect you to your that inner strength already present in you.

I do not need anyone’s permission to be the strong and powerful person I am. I already have these qualities in me. I chose them for myself and I brought them with me so I can use them here on earth.  They’re mine. They’re nobody else’s. Accordingly, I don’t need yours or anybody else’s permission to use them.

Be strong, my friend.

If you are asking to be strong, it shows you are already strong.

If you are not destined to be a strong person in this lifetime, you would not be asking for something you know is not there for you. Asking for it shows you know it’s there. Your strength is already there.