One of the most common blockages we have to being able to get what we want in life is the subconscious belief we have about ourselves that we are not worthy enough to get the things we want in life. Subconscious because we are not in the moment consciously aware we have that belief about ourselves. And subconscious because when we stop to ask ourselves why we are not able to get the things we want, we are either unable to answer or, at best, we are unable to find a satisfactory answer.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer. There is. There is always an answer to why you cannot get what you want in life.

Low self-worth starts in your life when, as a young child, you wanted something from someone as a reward for your efforts in doing something but then you weren’t given the thing you wanted.

For instance, you may have once created a wonderful painting in kindergarten and you felt you deserved a special reward from your parents for all the effort you put into making your painting. Maybe, in the back of your mind, you wanted a new toy. That was the reward you felt your effort was worth. However, your parents didn’t buy you a new toy. It may even have turned out that they didn’t buy you anything at all; that you didn’t get any reward for your effort in making your painting. And as a child, in that situation, your learn that your efforts are not worth the reward you set for yourself and that you will end up settling for much less.

And this is why, as an adult, you still unable to get what you want in life. Because the pattern has already been established. And all you are dong, as an adult, is acting our the pattern so it fits your forgotten (subconscious) belief about yourself.

Where the pattern can be broken and changed, however, is in the reason you gave yourself for not getting what you wanted as your reward for your efforts in your painting in kindergarten. In that situation, the reason you gave yourself was that you – and your efforts – were not worthy of the reward you wanted. But that may not have been the case.

Maybe you efforts were worthy of a new toy and maybe your parents knew it too but they were simply unable to buy you a new toy because, at that time, maybe things were financially tight. Or maybe there was some other difficulty taking place at the time which was hidden from you and which you didn’t know about. There almost always is.

And this is how you heal yourself of feelings of low self-worth.

Work with someone to go back into your past to see if there was a time when you weren’t given something you wanted as a reward for your efforts in achieving something. And then see if the reason why you didn’t get what you wanted was because you weren’t worthy enough to get it or if there was another reason. There always is. Then, when you discover the real reason why, for example, you never got the toy you wanted for your efforts in making your painting in kindergarten, you can change your belief relating to that situation from: ‘I didn’t get what I wanted because I wasn’t worthy enough’ to ‘I didn’t get what I wanted because mama and papa didn’t have the money to buy me the toy I waned but they always knew I was worth the reward I wanted for myself’. This is you changing your subconscious belief about your low self-worth at its point of origin and once changed at its point of origin, that change will soon work its way into the present where it will disappear.

You will no longer have the subconscious belief in yourself about your low self-worth because the reason you had for it being there in the first place no longer exists.