Listen when your body ‘talks’
– Why certain parts of your body do not open easily in yoga practice or massage.

Did you know that many of the challenging physical conditions you experience in your body during yoga practice – or when receiving massage – such as closed hips, tight mid-back, upper arm pain and chest pain are linked to historical emotional hurts you have experienced in life?

Emotional hurts that you have not yet let go of. And because you have not yet let go of them, your body is still holding on to them. And by holding on to them,  they cause your body a whole range of on-going specific physical conditions.

Tight ankles.
Weak knees.
Closed hips.
Tight hamstrings.
Weak lower back.
Tight mid-back.
Tightness and stiffness in the shoulders.
Pain and weakness in the arms.
Inflammation and pain in the neck.

In this weekend workshop, we examine a range of twenty specific physical bodily conditions which are caused by historical emotional hurt or energy blockage and we show you how to heal or release each one by using specific types of energy in your touch when treating them.

The purpose of the workshop is twofold:

(i) To illustrate that a range of physical conditions which present in the body, such as weakness in the knees, tightness in the hamstrings or inflammation in the neck can be part of a broader, underlying condition of emotional or energetic blockage.

(ii) To illustrate that treating certain physical conditions at the point of manifestation without reference to the energetic origin of the condition is an incomplete treatment. For example, treating the condition of tight shoulders by massaging the shoulder area only without reference to the energetic origin of tight shoulders found in either the upper chest or at the rear of the solar plexus.

Workshop Date:
November 6-7

Workshop Timing:
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00 with 1hr. lunch pause
Sunday: 10:00 – 15:00 with 1hr. lunch pause.

Workshop Location:
Bewusst Sein im Fokus
Neubaugasse 44/2/12, 1070 Wien.

Workshop Cost:

For registration and payment, please contact Robert Henderson
T: +43 (0)650 860 7660