Why certain parts of your body do not open easily during yoga (and/or massage) practice.

Warum sich bestimmte Körperteile beim yoga nicht völlif öffnen.

When you first start yoga, the difference it makes to your body can be enormous. You can feel more energized, more centred, more flexible and happier in your body. You can finally touch the floor without bending your knees and your mind and body become totally relaxed in savasana. It feels great.

However, during regular practice, sometimes your body doesn’t go the way you want it to. You can even feel unexpected stiffness or discomfort in certain areas of your body. Your hips won’t open. Your hamstrings get too tight. Your knees become weak. You get pains in your arms. Your neck can get really sore and not be able to fully turn. Your shoulder blades stiffen.

What is going on? Why are these things happening?

This workshop has the answers! We examine a range of twenty such pains, stiffness and resistances you can feel in your yoga practice. Each condition is fully explained and practical advice is given to help you move through each one.

Conditions include:
– Stiffness in the ankles
– Weakness in the fronts of the knees.
– Weakness at the backs of the knees.
– Tight hamstrings.
– Closed hips.
– Weakness in the sacro-iliac joint.
– Pain and weakness in the lower back.
– Coldness in the lower abdomen.
– Mid-back tightness.
– Tightness between the shoulder blades.
– Stiffness in shoulder blade rotation.
– Sharp pain in the scapulae and rotator cuffs.
– Tight shoulders and trapezius.
– Coldness and stiffness in the deltoids and pectorals.
– Pain and weakness in the outer upper arms.
– Inflammation, coldness and weakness in the neck.

Have you experienced any of these issues during practice? Are you curious to know what they are related to and how best to release them?

Then this is the workshop for you!

The cause behind each condition is explained and correct advice is given on how to move through each condition. The insight gained from this workshop is to show that a physical pain in the body can often be related to an underlying emotional or lifestyle pain, and that by addressing the underlying emotional or environmental issue, the physical pain goes away, enabling you to now move deeper into your practice.

The workshop is open to yoga practitioners and teachers alike, as well as to bodyworkers and massage therapists of all modality and level of experience. The answers provided in this workshop will be invaluable.

Sattva Yoga, Fasholdgasse 3/3, 1130 Vienna.

Class times:
Saturday, November 14, 10:00 – 17:00 (with one-hour lunchbreak)
Sunday, November 15, 10:00 – 15:00 (with one-hour lunchbreak)

Workshop cost: €190
For registration and payment, please contact Robert Henderson at: